A Reiki attunement is a connection to the unlimited abundance of Universal Energy.

By receiving the attunements you become part of a group of people who are using Reiki to help heal themselves, each other, and their loved ones.

  • People who are working together to help heal the earth.

    Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient healing touch system in which a practitioner channels healing energy through the laying on of hands.

    The Japanese words Rei translates as universal and Ki translates as life force.

  • Reiki means universal life force.

    There are three levels of Reiki. Each one is easy to learn and can be taught in one day.

    Reiki is different from other energetic healing systems, in that it requires an attunement or initiation from a Reiki Master.

  • Once a person has been attuned, they are attuned for life and Reiki can flow freely through them.

    Reiki has its own innate intelligence and simply flows through the practitioner to where it is needed.

    In order to channel Reiki energy, it is necessary to receive a personal attunement for each level from a Reiki Master.

  • It is not a healing, but rather an energetic awakening.

    The Level I attunement opens the crown, heart and palm chakras.

    Changes will be made by the attunement process that will open your system and enable Reiki to flow through you.

    These changes take place energetically in your chakras, auric field and physical body.

    The Level II attunement strengthens the flow by the use of the three sacred symbols -- the Power Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol, and the Distant Healing Symbol.

    The Level III attunement connects the practitioner with the Usui Master Symbol, which is used for passing attunements to others, and initiating other Reiki Masters.

    • For more information about attunement
      with Reiki Masters
      Steven and Kim Falcone
      please call 800-311-9914

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