Transcending Pain from Creative Awareness

Transcending Pain

Kim and Steve Falcone


NEW Two Tape Edition

Transcending Pain can help you go beyond physical pain in this skillfully woven mixture of rich guided imagery, powerful subliminal affirmations, soothing music and calming nature sounds.

Includes a deep guided meditation, a sleep assist program and a separate subliminal tape that can be used anywhere.


Sometimes anxiety and anticipation are experienced with chronic pain. In some instances physical pain and emotions are so closely bound that experienceing one can trigger the other. This unique program addresses the issues of physical pain and the emotions that can be connected to it.


    Tape One: Self Hypnosis/Guided Imagery

    • Side A: Transcending Pain - Spoken by Steven Falcone
      As you imagine comfort and peace your body responds, guiding you to a place of diminished pain. An original composition of keyboards and harp will help the listener drift toward the feeling of comfort and peace.

    • Side B: Sleep Comfortably - Spoken by Kim Falcone
      Soothing Imagery that can help release pain, so you can get the rest you need. Listen as endless ocean waves gently lull you to sleep.

    Tape Two: Subliminal

    Soothing subliminal affirmations have been carefully layered into each soundtrack.

    • Side A includes soothing music composed by Bruce Kurnow.

    • Side B includes familiar environmental sounds.

Digitally compiled with Sonic Solutions
Self-Hypnosis/Guided Imagery
Approximately 103 minutes.
All subliminal affirmations listed on the J card.

Two Tape Set
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