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Our audio programs include the use of Guided Imagery, Progressive Relaxation and Positive Suggestion. They are designed to assist individuals in changing self-destructive patterns and in achieving a balanced body-mind connection.


We are all on journey that at times can lead us through challenging experiences. These life experiences can prompt us to look within, to contemplate how we are connected to others and to wonder where we really fit in the universe. We have all felt that there must be something more, something just beyond our grasp that could help us to continue to grow and transform. We may ask ourselves questions that go unanswered. Sometimes all we need is a little help. Someone to assist us in reaching a calm and focused state of mind and body so we can listen to our inner guidance. Our audio programs can assist you in reaching a meditative state of mind where you can access insights into the answers of life's most important questions.

As an individual practices Guided Imagery they quickly learn to achieve a meditative state. With this in mind, and with the exception of Crossing the Threshold and Transcending Pain, our programs offer a long version on side one and a compressed "express" version on side two.

Side one is excellent for the beginner, or for those times when a deeper level of relaxation is desired. Side two is perfect for the individual who can quickly achieve a meditative state without much outside assistance. We recommend that side one is experienced in its entirety at least once before using side two.

Typically side one begins with an introduction, and 15 to 20 minutes of progressive relaxation and imagery. The introduction and relaxation are voice only. As the positive suggestions begins (physical cleansing, healing grief, balancing chakras, etc.) sounds of nature or soothing musical tones are added to assist with the imagery. At the end of the program the individual is guided to a refreshed and alert state. Side two follows roughly the same format however it is shorter.

Crossing the Threshold is our answer to requests from many bookstores for an "advanced" program. It utilizes a powerful "speed" induction and indirect suggestions that allow more time for inner work. The result is a compelling experience. Transcending Pain is a double cassette program that introduces powerful subliminal affirmations and sleep programming. These techniques are very effective in the reduction of physical pain and the anxiety that can be connected to it.

Our audio programs appeal to a wide range of individuals. From clinical therapists and medical professionals (who recognize the benefits of a healthy body-mind connection) to those who are interested in augmenting their clinical treatments by participating in their healing process, to the person who embraces more metaphysical philosophies.

  • Certified Hypnotherapists

  • Graduates of the Hypnosis Learning Institute, Clearwater, Florida.

  • Board Advisors of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

  • Recipients of the 1995 Hypno-Innovation Award, in recognition of their healing audio programs

  • Trained under the Usui System of Natural Healing, Kim and Steven Falcone also offer sessions for Reiki healing and training. They are available for group workshops and lectures.

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