The Energy Connection

By Steven Falcone

Cynthia arrived early for her session. It seemed to take every ounce of strength for her to get comfortably seated. She complained that everyone was making demands on her and that she had never felt so tired and frustrated. It was not in Cynthia's nature to take on the victim role. Something clearly was causing her discomfort.

As we progressed through her session it became apparent that she had allowed a number of energy ties to attach to herself. Her children, boss, and husband were just a few. In all she had allowed over a dozen separate attachments. Some she allowed because of fear and guilt, others from a sense of duty, still others because of old negative programming. Each connection continued to drain her energy.

Energy Ties? Connections? What's this all about? There exists a universal energy that binds all things in the cosmos together and energizes them. Different cultures have called this energy many names. Chi, Prana and Ki are just a few. Some have called this life giving energy Gods Grace. Whatever name you choose to call it isn't important, that's a personal preference. What is important is how you incorporate the concept into your belief system.

Universal energy is abundant and available to all, it knows no social or ethnic boundary, doesn't favor one spiritual belief over another and if we open ourselves to it, it will energize us beyond belief.

Universal energy can be directed through us to others, and along with the power of our intent, it is the driving force behind many healing modalities.

Universal energy is the luminous thread that weaves all things great and small, seen and unseen, past, present and future into a giant cosmic dance. Sometimes when we dance we stumble. Instead of going to the source for our energy we try to take it from others. Fear will cause a drowning person to pull a rescuer under.

Cynthia visualized each tie as a luminous finger of light that attached to the area between her solar plexus and heart. She said they looked like fiber optics and stretched great distances to all the various people. As she identified each tie she intuitively understood the reason behind it. Ties that were based in fear and negative programming were completely removed. Cynthia used the power of her intent to sever the luminous fingers and said that they recoiled away, like when a stretched rubber band is cut.

Others she removed and placed into a stream of universal energy that appeared to her as a brilliant white light. She felt that placing the severed ties into the energy flow would continue to nourish her loved ones.

As each tie was systematically reviewed she became stronger and more focused, able to understand the reasons why she had unconsciously allowed the connection in the first place.

Cynthia chose to leave some attachments intact, until she was ready to resolve the old issues and negative programming behind them. As she grew stronger, she began to receive intuitive insights, insights that affirmed that we are all connected on a grand level, and that universal energy can be easily channelled through us and redirected as compassion and support and love. As she ended her session she felt energized and focused.

Energy ties are very real and can drain our energy. They are usually not malicious in intent and are allowed by both parties on an unconscious level. Attachments that are removed without working out the reasons behind them will usually reattach within a very short period. We can identify and remove energy ties very easily by using our internal gifts of visualization, intuition and intent, and by doing so we can help ourselves and others become more sure footed as we continue in the dance of life.

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Copyright 1997

Steven Falcone

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